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You’ve probably seen the offers for a fuel system service. And, if you’re a longtime car owner, you’re probably thinking, “Hey, I’ve never heard of a fuel system service before. That sounds like some sort of scam.”

But a fuel system service isn’t a scam; it’s a real service with real benefits. What’s more, it isn’t even all that new. Chances are you’ve been having your car’s fuel system serviced for years and just didn’t know it.

Back when fuel delivery was mostly handled through a carburetor, a fuel system service involved a spray can and was done as part of your annual tune up. The technician would spray carburetor cleaner through the choke and all the ports on the carburetor, to clean out all the gunk that had built up during the previous year.

Today most cars use electronic fuel injection systems. The gunk still builds up, but now it’s down inside the fuel injectors and fuel rail. And those injectors are very precise devices, working on clearances measured in microns. It doesn’t take a lot of dirt to cause a problem with fuel delivery. A fuel system service is a great way to clean out the deposits in the fuel system and get it working the way it’s supposed to. That simple service can improve performance, increase gas mileage, and reduce emissions.

The technicians at your local Cottman center are equipped with the most effective fuel system service procedure available, and their exclusive service can get your fuel system cleaned up and working like new right away.

Of course, not every fuel system problem is caused by dirt or deposits. Sometimes the system can require a more complete diagnosis and repair. That’s okay; the technicians at your nearby Cottman center can diagnose pretty much any fuel system in use today and get it operating like new.

So yes, a fuel system service is a real thing, with real benefits. And your friends at your nearby Cottman center will be only to happy to show you just how much your car will benefit from having the fuel system serviced.